Volley Seltzer


No doubt, you have watched the availability of flavored seltzer waters increase over the past few years. What used to be just a small section devoted to a mixer afterthought now occupies a significant portion of the shelves. I have seen many with fancy packaging and interesting sounding names. However, when I get them home, chilled and tried, the excitement ends and I come away remembering only that it was forgettable.

So when my husband saw a 4-pack of Volley in the refrigerator, his comment was “Oh I see we are going to try yet another spiked seltzer!” Honestly, I thought the same at first, but the clean, crisp packaging intrigued me, along with the list of only 3 ingredients: Sparkling water, natural organic juices and 100% blue agave tequila. The 4-pack included flavors that I ordinarily enjoy as well, which were lime, grapefruit, mango and a spiced ginger. 

I refrigerated the cans for a full day, then per the product instructions, turned the can upside down for a few seconds before opening. This allows any of the naturally settling juices to reincorporate into the product. My first selection was the Zesty Lime. WOW! This certainly wasn’t like the artificial tasting or worse yet, no taste at all spiked seltzers I had tried before. Instead, it was a wonderfully balanced blend of the 3 ingredients, with each playing a supporting role of the others. Rather than a tongue punch of lime, it was subtle and the same for the tequila that was noticeably there, but not overwhelming. It was entirely refreshing and delicious and so were the other 3 flavors. I have a new must have now in my refrigerator and it is going to be my go to hostess gift for the upcoming holiday season.

My sincere thanks to the genius of founders Chris and Camilla for finally providing us spiked seltzer lovers with a stellar product that I am proud to share. Cheers!


Cases of each flavor are available as well as my preference, the multipack of all 4 flavors.

Buy online and there is free shipping available on 2 cases or more.

Volley is available in retail outlets across Tennessee as well as Georgia (and more!) so if you don’t see it on the shelf, ask for it!


HIXSONBacchus Wine & Spirits Hixson

KNOXVILLEBob’s Liquor & Wine, Kingston Pike Liquor & Discount Tobacco, Meg`s Wine & Spirits, University Liquors

MARYVILLEBrown`s Creek Wine & Spirits

FRANKLINCarothers Wine & Spirits, Red Dog Wine & Spirits

CHATTANOOGADiscount Liquor, Harry`s Wine & Spirits, Hwy 58 Liquors, Vine And Barrel

CLEVELANDElxr Wine & Spirits

NASHVILLEGreen Hills Corkdorks, Harvest Wine Market, Midtown Wine-Spirits, Union Station, Wine Chap

ALCOAGreen Meadow Wine & Spirits

ANTIOCHHickory Hollow Liquor & Wine, Metro Wine & Spirits – Murf. Rd.

GALLATINRed Carpet Liquor


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