Urban Bicycle Food Ministry

We spend a great deal of time on this site writing about food. Recipes, restaurants, cocktails, gardening – you name it, we pretty much cover it. We do this because we enjoy it, and we hope you do, as well. We do this because food and drink add to our enjoyment of life.

For many of our citizens, however, food is about much more. It’s about survival. Here in Nashville – as everywhere – we’ve seen an increase in our homeless population. This might be the result of the pandemic, or it may be just the natural ebb and flow of things. Either way, many of our neighbors struggle to find food each day.

UBFM Nashville

There are several organizations working tirelessly to bring food to those who need it most. My favorite of those organizations is Urban Bicycle Food Ministry.

My family volunteers weekly at UBFM. We ride bikes twice a week in Downtown Nashville to deliver food and supplies to the our homeless neighbors. We hand out burritos, water, and the occasional dessert. We get back way more than we give out.

UBFM Nashville

As you may know, today begins The Big Payback – twenty-four hours of giving to help our non-profits. If you can, I would appreciate it if you would make a donation to UBFM Nashville via The Big Payback. For every $19.82 we receive, we can feed 25 people. Each week, we feed 150+ of our homeless citizens, and the need is growing. Click the link below to donate.


Also, please check out our website at www.ubfmnash.org. We have sister organizations in several other cities. If you would be interested in starting a UBFM in your city, we can help, as well.

Urban Bicycle Food Ministry – Nashville


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