Spring Leaf Lettuce

Spring Leaf Lettuce

Make yourself a note: If you don’t grow spring leaf lettuce, do so starting next year. It is super easy to grow and the results are beyond delicious. I sowed seeds in my garden in late March. I had several cold nights where they had to be covered, but it actually seemed to thrive with the cooler temperatures. The harvest happened today and I have at least a large colander full left to  cut. That’s one of the keys … cut the lettuce at the ground level and do so early in the morning if possible. Then take it inside and wash it thoroughly in cold water. It is actually ready to use immediately, but I like to place it in a produce bag after it has drained and refrigerate it a couple of hours. You will find it has incredible flavor and the shelf life is up to a week in the crisper drawer. We added just a few freshly harvested green onions and some chopped fresh herbs to our salads with a splash of homemade vinaigrette. It was sensational and will make a salad lover out of anyone who thinks they aren’t!  


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