Pot Lid Props

My friend Susan handed me a couple of little silicone men when we had lunch one day and I thought, “Ok what am I supposed to do with these?” She said they are pot lid props and that I would use them all the time. So I tried the little fellows the next day and she was correct! The concept is simple: Allow the lid of a cooking pot to vent just a bit and it prevents boil overs. I have propped lids slightly before just by resting it on the pot rim. The problem with that is that it has to be balanced just right or the lid either falls off or falls back over the pot of boiling liquid. And for some reason, those boil overs are a real mess to clean. You can get a pair inexpensively on either ebay or Amazon for less than $7 and they make a great little happy gift for any cook in your life!


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