Mulled Wine

You’ve likely had mulled cider during the holiday season. It’s a favorite at many holiday gatherings. But have you ever had mulled wine? I mean, what could be more perfect for the holidays, especially this year?

This past weekend, we were shopping at Opry Mills mall in Nashville, and we visited the mall tasting room of Amber Falls Winery. While there, GM Derek Hutchings asked us to try their mulled wine. That was the best decision we made all day! It was warm and sweet and full of the same spices you love from mulled ciders.

Amber Falls sells a kit that contains everything you need to make this festive holiday treat. It includes a bottle of Congria, a sweet red wine perfect for using in this recipe. It also comes with a pouch of Lieutenant Blender’s Sangria in a Bag and Wildwood Mulling Spice Teabags.

Mix the wine and sangria mix and then warm the mixture. Next, steep the teabags, and you’re ready for a great holiday treat!

Happy Holidays!


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