Being “stuck” at home gives those of us who like to garden plenty of opportunity to get our spring cleaning done. There are weeds to pull, seeds to start, beds to amend, birdhouses to clean and plants to transplant. By now, you’ve probably noticed cilantro returning to your herb garden thanks to fallen seeds from late last year. It serves as a reminder that Mother Nature’s timing can sometimes be a little off. By mid- to late summer when we have armloads of fresh tomatoes and peppers, cilantro has succumbed to the unending heat, bolted and gone to seed. And it just so happens that garden centers don’t have any replacement cilantro to be found then. But that’s the beauty of what we are getting now. Go ahead and let the plants flourish, cut on them and allow some to bolt and seed. Then when you are really needing it for fresh salsa, you’ll have little plants coming along that look like these do now. Maybe Mother Nature has perfect timing after all!


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