Jingles – Ready to go!

Ready to go!

So many times over the past year, I have wanted time to stand still as Jingles, our future Super Hero for Southeastern Guide Dogs has grown up before our eyes. We got her at 8 weeks old and now she is approaching 14 months. Jingles has perfected her commands, but time did not obey my command!

Over the past year with her, we have learned a lot about ourselves and tried to put the day when she has to return to Florida in the back of our minds. Well, it is now practically here. On Saturday, February 1, we will do the hardest thing in this process. We will take her back to the place where her sweet life began. She will continue training there with people much more professional than we are, but who couldn’t possibly love her more. A very large piece of our hearts will be left there as we have to make the drive home without our little sweet girl. Hopefully she will pass the rigorous testing to come and be matched with a forever person later this year.

In the meantime, we find ourselves cherishing every single moment we have left with her and cementing them in our hearts for the day we have to leave her in Palmetto, Florida. We handle the task by concentrating on prayers for her and her forever person, someone we don’t know but who is going to get the gift of freedom and endless love very soon. Her path is chosen … only the journey remains.


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