Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves

My friend Cindy clipped back her bay laurel plant and I was the lucky recipient of the leaves. Since I use bay leaves in any type of soup or stock, I was thrilled to have them fresh. I was also so glad to have a dehydrator. In 30 minutes, the leaves were dried and ready to package into an airtight container. I’ve seen directions on how to dry them in the microwave and the oven. I tried both and had inconsistent results. The leaves didn’t dry uniformly in either place, plus it demanded too much of my attention. So my recommendation is to utilize a dehydrator or let them dry naturally at room temperature. Without a dehydrator, it will take a couple of weeks. For the best results, spread the leaves out in a single layer on paper towels. Make sure none of the leaves are touching and place them away from drafts and sunny windows. Just leave them alone at room temperature, checking them regularly. When completely dry, place them in a jar with a tight-fitting lid (I use a canning jar) and you are ready for soup season!


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