Dish Drying Rack

Dish Drying Rack

Like many of you, I purchased one of those thick drying pads that seem to be everywhere. I liked the fact that it could be thrown in the washing machine and that it folded nicely in the drawer for storage. But using it disappointed me. My upside down dishes never completely dried, so I always had to hand dry them anyway. At some point, you wonder what it the point. Then my friend Patti gave me a Leasen Drying Rack. Gone is the drying pad and never to return!

Whether you use it over your sink or on the countertop, this drying rack works beautifully. Unlike the drying pad, it allows for air to flow underneath, drying the dishes perfectly. It is the same concept as a wire cooling rack. This substantially sturdy rack is completely coated with FDA approved silicone so rusting is never going to be an issue. And since it’s heat resistant up to 400 degrees, you can use it as a trivet on your table for large casserole dishes. I love dual duty items! If necessary, you can place it in the dishwasher or simply rinse it in warm water. When you are ready to store, simply roll it up and into the drawer it goes.

Rack 1

Look for it on Amazon or in kitchen supply stores




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