Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

I have a friend who is constantly telling me she has found a bottled product that tastes just like fresh squeezed orange juice. I have tasted these imitators and every time I am disappointed. They all seem to overcompensate and it has a bite that lingers in the mouth. So this past weekend, I decided to do a taste test of my own after I had a bottle someone left at my house after making mimosas. Since I had oranges for a garnish, I had the perfect opportunity to prove my point. Without naming the product that was the latest in the “tastes as good as fresh squeezed” I will tell you that hands down, fresh squeezed was the winner. It wasn’t even close. I realize that squeezing oranges is a very small bit of a pain, but the taste is worth the 2 minutes it takes to do so. Two oranges gave me an ample sized glass of smooth, truly great orange juice to enjoy. It was equally delicious to everyone on my taste test panel. I kept hearing things like “Why don’t I take the time to do this?” Along with “Wow! This is so much better!” So even though it is already in season, we are inching closer and closer to when citrus seems to be the only fruit on the market. Buy extra and give it a squeeze!


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