Jingles – 9 months

Jingles – 9 months

It’s hard to believe that our puppy from Southeastern Guide Dogs, Jingles is now 9 months old. She continues to progress as a future superhero for a hero. We are now working on the close command, which is when she puts herself between our legs while we are seated in a chair. She is practicing on getting herself turned so she is facing the same direction we are while in the chair. It is necessary for her to be out of the way when out in public at places like a park bench, chair at a meeting, etc. She has perfected the act of coming close, but we still have work to do in her turning herself around to face outward.

On daily walks, we are practicing what is called “shore lining.” This means she walks (always on the left) next to the edge of the walkway. It is necessary to help her keep from walking her forever person in the middle of a sidewalk. She is a lovely puppy and we have had a great summer with this gift of an animal. Jingles is certainly going to be a blessing to someone this time next year!

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