Can Strainer

Can Strainer

I generally don’t like to clutter my kitchen with gadgets that have a single purpose. However, I friend was having a Pampered Chef party and I ended up purchasing several items. One of the things I added to my list at the last minute was this little can strainer. I thought I would use it a time or two, then relegate it to the donation pile. I was so wrong! I use it all the time flipped one way of the other. For things like tuna where I really want to get as much of the water drained off as possible, it is the perfect size for mashing in the can. For other items like canned pimentos, I simply pour the peppers in the container to drain like a mini-colander. It is made of heavy duty plastic that is dishwasher safe and at only 3-1/2 inches, it doesn’t take up a ton of precious storage space in the drawer. For those who start early getting great stocking stuffers for cooks in your life, this is a useful addition.

Item #2495

Cost = $7.00


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