Mosquito Torch

Mosquitos No More!

All of these spring rains are terrific for my yard and garden, but unfortunately have served as a catalyst for mosquitos to breed and ruin the tranquility of evening outdoor enjoyment. I tried citronella incense sticks and the Patio Egg with no success. Then I decided to go back to the tried and true method of banishing these pests from my patio … Tiki. My memories of Tiki torches go back decades ago to bamboo stakes with plastic containers filled with fuel and lit as soon as the sun started to dip. They were strategically placed in the yard for bug control and lighting since at the time all anyone had was a single back door porch light. It was comforting, inexpensive and efficient. 

As far as we have come since then, thankfully much has stayed the same. Tiki torches still work but they have had a makeover since the days of bamboo. For one, you can find beautiful wrought iron stakes that have taken the place of bamboo so it is much sturdier. And the plastic fuel containers have been replaced by metal or glass for a longer lasting and nicer look. But the best improvement is the Tiki Table Torch with an adjustable flame. Now we are talking!

Rather than purchasing a separate metal fuel container and placing it on the table, we now have a much more stylish option. And while I don’t mind a large flame surrounding my patio, I don’t want to singe my eyebrows at the table. With a small twist, the flame goes from large to small depending on your preference. It looks like it belongs on the table with the gold-dipped bottom and best of all, it works! I don’t fill my Tiki products with just anything, but always purchase the BiteFighter Torch Fuel. 

As a test, we invited two couples over for an al fresco dinner last week. It had rained the day before but the evening of our dinner was gorgeous. I had our table torch and patio torches lit when the guests arrived, with one bringing her own bug spray. In her own words: “Bugs love me!” Well, we got busy preparing last minute foods in the kitchen and transporting dishes outside while the guys hung out at the grill. Three hours later, we were still bug free. As our guests were preparing to leave, the one who brought bug spray remarked that George must have sprayed for mosquitos because she didn’t need her spray at all. I told them it was all Tiki and they are now as sold as I am. You will be as well! Give it a try and you will fall in love with your patio every evening all over again.        

Go to or look for it at Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Target or on Amazon


64-Ounce BiteFighter® Torch Fuel: $9.99                                   



Adjustable Flame Glass Table Torch Gold-Dipped: $9.99



Adjustable Flame Glass Table Torch Watercolor: $12.99



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