Lettuce Keeper

Lettuce Keeper

I love all types of lettuce, but love to grow iceberg in the early spring before it gets too hot outside. The rains we have had this season have contributed to a great crop that keeps me with just enough of a supply to use without being overwhelmed. It is perfect to hold my other spring vegetables that routinely go on a salad.

Keeping that newly harvested lettuce fresh is easy thanks to a tried and true apparatus that comes from an unlikely source, but a memorable one if you grew up in the 60’s … the Lettuce Keeper from Tupperware. My Mother had one that was an oddly colored green/turquoise base and a sheer lid. Mine is clear and I like it better. It allows me to see how much of a lettuce head I have left in the fridge. The concept is simple and brilliant: A spiked holder is inserted into the core to keep the lettuce off the bottom of the bowl. This allows excess moisture to drain without making the cut end of the lettuce soggy. The lid is domed so it never crushes the lettuce.

My lettuce keeper came from a Tupperware dealer (yes, they are still around!), but in doing a quick web search, they are available through ebay and Amazon for around $10. It’s worth every penny and proves that some things don’t need to be tinkered with but are perfect just the way they are! 

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  1. Cher Easley says:

    I did have one of those Tupperware lettuce keeper. I got a new one spinner & keeper from a Pamper Chef. Cost a pretty penny! LOL

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