Jingles has a coat!

Yesterday, Jingles had her 4 month birthday. But the bigger deal happened on Saturday when she graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and officially earned her coat. This means the bandanna she has been wearing for work was traded in and it is a new time for training. She had to pass certain criteria in order to graduate and it was a big moment for her and for us. 

Afterward, she passed out puppy kisses in the kissing booth at the Southeastern Guide Dog Walkathon at Barnes & Noble on West End Avenue in Nashville. She did a beautiful job with all the foot traffic and other dogs and puppies onsite.
Now we begin training her to get herself in the coat so that we simply have to snap it underneath her, as a blind person would eventually do. We can almost see her walking proudly in her coat! The adventure continues for this amazing puppy who will grow up to do a great service to someone in need!

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