The Red Bicycle

The Red Bicycle Coffee
2190 Nolensville Pike
Suite E
Nashville, TN 37211

P: 615.454.2738

Mon – Sun: 7A-9P

The Red Bicycle Coffee is a local chain of coffee shops in the Nashville area. The concept originated in North Carolina, but The Red Bicycle has been a Nashville fixture since 2013. They have three locations: one in Germantown, one in Woodbine, and their newest location in The Nations. All three locations serve very high-end – and delicious – roasted coffee. They also serve crepes and sandwiches. Each location has a menu unique to that location (for food, anyway), so be sure to browse the website and check out each location’s offerings. The Nations location even serves wine and beer. I need to go there next!

Today, I was out scouting some property as part of my day job, and I was in the Woodbine area around lunchtime. I’ve been to that Red Bicycle before, but only for coffee, so I thought I would stop in and have one of their panini sandwiches.

I chose the Hammy Jammy, which is a grilled panini with ham, bacon, and brie. The “jammy” comes from the strawberry preserves they spread on the sandwich, and let me tell you, it’s simply fantastic. It reminded me of a (slightly) healthier version of a Monte Cristo sandwich. I can’t wait to go back and have another one. The mixture of the sweet and savory was perfect, and the bacon had a nice smoky flavor. My only suggestion is to have a damp napkin handy, as the sandwich can get a little sticky.  I was browsing Twitter while I ate, and it was a struggle to keep my phone clean. It was worth it, though.

For a look at the full menu, click here. From there, you can explore the menus at the other locations, as well.

The atmosphere at this location is urban, contemporary, and very hipster. They have roll-up glass garage-type doors, so when the weather is nice, you can enjoy the outdoors, if not the traffic on Nolensville Road.

After two visits there, I can honestly say that I’m a fan of their coffee and their food. I’ll be going back. You should go, too.

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