Jingles – 10-1/2 weeks

Jingles – 10-1/2 weeks

The fun continues as Jingles repeatedly proves herself to be an outstanding puppy. We took her out to the Factory in Franklin for a Guide Dog Puppy Raiser meeting this past weekend and learned a lot from seasoned professionals about leash training and socialization. She is great with any people, especially little kids, but the larger and older guide dogs that were present made her a bit uncomfortable. She was timid with them at times, then anxious. Distance and slow introductions made her much better by the end of the morning. When we left, she was absolutely exhausted and didn’t even move in her crate in the car on the way home. We have been busy all week practicing the techniques we learned and she is doing a marvelous job. Last night, we had 4 dear friends over for dinner and she was a puppy angel who behaved perfectly and of course, looked beautiful for our guests. For fun, she loves to have her belly rubbed and occasionally snores ever so cutely while asleep! Stay tuned to see how she continues to teach us about the value of obedience, consistency and love! 


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