If you spend any time cooking, you also spend a lot of time with your hands in a sink filled with hot soapy water. As wonderful as my dishwasher is, there are certain things that require hand washing. For years, I used those familiar bright yellow Playtex Living Gloves because that’s what my Mother used. They were inexpensive and provided protection to my hands, but never fit quite right and routinely I would bust out a finger. I had quite a collection of left handed gloves under my sink.

Then one day at Williams Sonoma, I stumbled upon these bright blue kitchen gloves. I thought “What the heck” and tried a pair on that actually fit my hands. They weren’t too tight or too loose, were substantially thick but allowed comfortable movement and were less than $13. I bought them and have been a fan ever since, banishing those bright yellow versions to Goodwill. These vinyl gloves are latex free and machine washable. They have held up for over a year beautifully and I now have an extra pair in red that I use for household cleaning. It might seem a bit strange to some to get excited about kitchen gloves, but these are the real deal and worth the investment.

Williams Sonoma

Kitchen Gloves in Blue, Red and Green

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large 


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