Painturo’s Pizza
12910 Lebanon Road
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

Phone: 615-754-4443

Mon – Thu: 11A – 8P
Fri – Sat: 11A – 9P
Sun: 11A – 3P

Painturo’s was started by the Painter brothers, Nick and Chad, in Lebanon over 17 years ago. Michelle and I would make the trip to Lebanon just to eat there. At the time, I loved their pizza and pasta, and I found myself wishing they would come to Mt. Juliet where I lived and worked at that time. Some years later, they did just that, and I had a new favorite lunch location. Pizza for lunch every week, you ask? Painturo’s is much more than just pizza. They do things a little differently.

It starts with the format. You order pub-style, at the counter. When your food is ready, they call you up, and you take your food back to your table. If you have a large order, they will help you. For soft drinks and tea, there is a drink station where you can get your own free refills. If you want a beer, you can get that when you order, but you must go back up for refills (sorry, not free).

The decor is cozy, if somewhat contemporary, with stained concrete floors and roll-up glass doors separating the private meeting room. They even have a couple of televisions broadcasting your favorite sports, and if they’re not broadcasting your favorite sports, they are happy to change the channel. Just ask. There is also patio seating for when the weather is nice.

If you are a frequent customer, Chad (owner) or Jason (manager) will call you by name and ask you if you want your usual. Although, if you’re like me, there are so many good things on the menu, it’s tough to have a “usual”.

When I was going for lunch on a weekly basis, I did have a usual order. Well, I really had two (see what I mean?). I would either get the Large Mixed Salad (if I needed to eat healthy) or the Pizza/Salad Medley (if I was eating less healthy). The salad comes with mixed greens, croutons, and tomato. It is served with two of their amazing breadsticks. I always (ask Chad or Jason) add bacon, cheese, and extra tomato. If I’m eating by myself, I order it with the house dressing, which is an awesome tomato vinaigrette. If Michelle is with me, she gets the sweet Italian dressing. They are both excellent, so you can’t lose either way. The Medley comes with half a small cheese pizza and side salad. The salad is the same mix as the large salad, just a smaller version of it.

Small Mixed Salad

If you go for lunch, they have daily specials for $6.99, including the drink. That’s awfully tough to beat. The choices vary somewhat, but you can typically always find a pizza and a salad on the lunch menu.

Painturo’s makes pizzas with thin, artisanal-like crusts. They slice it into squares, so you can’t fold the slices in half like a New York-style pizza, but I’ll bet you could if they cut the pizza traditionally. Personally, I’m glad they don’t. I like the small squares. When my son is with me, we have a competition to see who can get the “world’s smallest piece of pizza”. There is always a tiny triangular piece (or several pieces) at the edge of the pizza. He always wins.

Even though I don’t live or work in Mt. Juliet any more, we still make it to Painturo’s after church every so often on Sunday. If you take in your church bulletin, you get a discount on your order, so be sure to grab a bulletin! On these Sunday visits, we all split a large GF pizza, and Michelle and I split a Large Mixed Salad…again with extra tomato, cheese, and bacon.  We usually mix up the toppings on the pizza, but our favorites are bacon, mild pork sausage, pepperoni, banana peppers, onion, and pineapple. Every pizza we get is guaranteed to have some mix of those toppings, which are diced up really small so that they get nice and crispy on the pizza. I love it!

Large Gluten Free Pizza

If you’re not in the mood for pizza, they have excellent sandwiches, as well. One of my favorites is the Turkey on Focaccia. Their meatball sandwich (The Big Papa) is also fantastic. Want a calzone, they have you covered. Pasta? Check. Try the Baked Ravioli. Or the Spaghetti. You will not regret it. The marinara sauce on their pasta has just a little kick to it. Not enough to bother even children, but just enough to set it apart.

Eating healthy? Try my favorite the Large Mixed Salad (I do recommend kicking it up a notch or two with extra ingredients). Or you could opt for a Caesar Salad, with or without grilled chicken. They also have a Chef Salad and a Tuscan Vinaigrette Salad. Trust me, they are all good.

For a look at their full menu, click here.

Painturo’s has locations in Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, Goodlettsville, and Gallatin. If you haven’t had a chance to visit them, do so soon. You’ll be glad you did.


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