40 White Bridge Road
Lion’s Head Village
Nashville, TN 37205

P: 615-356-6600

Lunch: 11A – 2P Mon-Sat
Dinner: 4:30P – 9:30P Sun-Thu, 4:30P – 10P Fri-Sat

When it’s stifling hot outside – as it often is during Nashville summers – I tend to eat lighter. This is especially true at lunch. So when a co-worker recently asked if I wanted to grab some sushi for lunch, I immediately said, “heck, yeah!”

I asked Siri to find the closest sushi bars, and the highest-rated restaurant convenient to our office was Sonobana. I had never been, but I figured 165 Yelpers couldn’t all be wrong. As it turns out, we made the right choice. Sonobana is located in the Belle Meade section of Nashville. I was immediately impressed by two things: 1. The interior was tasteful and clean, but simple and maybe a little dated. This tells me they spend their money on the product and the service, which was proven during our visit. And 2. There were several Japanese people eating there. This also tells me the food is good.

I have no idea what Sonobana means (my translator app translated it to “sonobana” – brilliant), but the sushi was first-rate. I started with a cup of miso soup. My soup was delicious, and it had what seemed like more than the usual amount of tofu and mushrooms. If you like miso soup, you won’t be disappointed.

I followed up the soup with two rolls – a spicy salmon roll and a cherry bomb roll. The spicy salmon was pretty much what you would expect. It had salmon, avocado, and asparagus with spicy sauce. I’ve never had asparagus in sushi, but I liked it. The cherry bomb roll was like nothing you would ever expect, but it might be my new favorite roll. It had shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, crunchies, and maraschino cherry. It’s topped with a drop of spicy sauce, and the combination of sweet and spicy is incredible.

I drank water, so I got out the door – tax and tip included – for $15. Not bad for an excellent lunch on a hot summer day. Sonobana. Apparently, it means super sushi. Give them a try.


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