Cool Springs Brewery

Cool Springs Brewery
600A Frazier Drive #135
Franklin, TN 37067

Phone: 615.503.9626

Sun – Thu: 11A – 9P
Fri – Sat: 11A – 10P

This past Saturday, we found ourselves in the Franklin, TN area looking for a place to have dinner with our friends the Galvin’s. We had spent the day at a sporting event watching our boys, and we were hungry for good food and great atmosphere. We found just such a place in Cool Springs Brewery.

Founded in 2009, CSB is locally owned and operated by a British couple who have done an excellent job creating a local pub the entire family can enjoy. And as the name implies, it’s also a microbrewery, which always works for me. In fact, Cool Springs Brewery features Williamson County’s first ever brewery.

CSB offers several year-round beers, ranging from an IPA (Pecker Wrecker) to a Kolsch (Franklin’s First), to a Belgian Wit (Titches Wit – I LOVE this name, but alas, I don’t like Wit beers), to an Altbier (Fatback). They also feature several rotating beers, such as the Coconut Porter, which is easy on the coconut and heavy on the Porter. If beer is not your thing, they have a full bar, as well. Michelle ordered a sangria, and it was as good as any I’ve had. Beer is my thing, so I had the Pecker Wrecker. I would put this pale ale up against any other pale ale out there, foreign or domestic.

There are televisions literally everywhere, so it’s easy to see your favorite sporting event, and they also feature live music. There is a mezzanine level you can reserve for large parties, and like any microbrewery, you can order beer to-go in a logo growler.

CSB - Chips
Chips and Salsa

The food is, in many ways, typical pub fare. But it is oh-so-good pub fare. David and I split a Hawaiian pizza, which came NY-style with a thin crust. It was delicious. PSA: If there are only two of you, and you’re having an appetizer (chips and salsa) and drinking beer (me, not David), you don’t need the 16″ pizza, unless you want to take home some leftovers. One of the smaller sizes would likely do for two. I love pizza, and I really love NY-style, thin pizza. I would definitely order this pizza again. In fact, I’m getting ready to go eat a leftover slice right now.


CSB - Pizza
Hawaiian Pizza

Michelle had the Brewery Nachos, and I helped her eat them, as well (hey, you have to eat it in order to write about it, right?). If you like nachos, I recommend them. They are not like the nachos grande you get at a Mexican restaurant. They use very large tortilla chips and pile each one high with beef,

CSB - Nachos
Brewery Nachos



refried beans, jalapeno peppers, diced tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream. We brought home some of these as well, and I’m glad we did.

Our fantastic waitress Catherine told us the Fish and Chips were voted the best in all of Nashville, so our friend Arrione ordered them to see if Catherine was right. They were very good (yes, I ate one bite so that I could write about it – goes with the job).

CSB - Fish
Fish & Chips

I’ve not eaten every fish and chip offering in Nashville, so I can’t say if they’re the best, but they are among the best I’ve had. The chips/fries are hand-cut “steak” fries, and they were awesome. The batter on the fish was light and crispy, exactly how you would expect.

Arrione’s husband Matt also ordered a pizza. He got the Special, which comes with Italian sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and green/black olives. I did not sample Matt’s pizza, but it looked fantastic.

The menu is very well-rounded, featuring several salads, sandwiches, and appetizers. They also have Bangers & Mash and Shepherd’s Pie, like any good British pub should. To see the full menu, click here.

If you frequent the Cool Springs area of Brentwood/Franklin, you must make a point to stop by the Cool Springs Brewery. We will definitely make a point to go back. I have a whole menu of beer and food to explore!



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