Now that school is out and Summer is upon us, I thought it might be a good idea to dust off the Sangria recipe. Enjoy!

Haute Flavor

One of my favorite Summer drinks is Sangria. As I’ve mentioned before, we eat a lot of Mexican and Italian foods, and Sangria happens to go well with both. But you don’t have to be eating a burrito to enjoy a good glass of Sangria. It might just be the perfect drink for enjoying while sitting on your deck or patio on a Summer afternoon.

According to my not-so-extensive research, Sangria was made popular – and probably invented – in Portugal or Spain. It remains very popular in both countries, and it ranks up there with the Margarita for drinks that go well with the #41 special at your local Mexican restaurant.

Sangria is a mix of (usually) red wine, fruit juices, sugar, brandy or other liqueur, and soda of some sort. There are MANY recipes out there for Sangria, and if you’re not into playing bartender, you can purchase…

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