AMOT Eatery

AMOT Eatery
1100 Fatherland Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Phone: 615-866-8144

Weekdays 11am-3pm
Lunch & Brunch
Weekends 11am-3pm

Sunday–Tuesday 5pm-9pm 
Wednesday–Saturday 5pm-10pm

Regular readers of this site undoubtedly know that Michelle has an intolerance for gluten. We often make a point to feature GF items in our reviews, but we seldom get the chance to try a restaurant that is COMPLETELY GF.

AMOT Eatery (formerly A Matter of Taste) is just such a place. Located in trendy East Nashville, AMOT is owned by someone with a gluten allergy. Because of this, they made the decision to go 100% GF on their menu. Everything they serve is GF, other than the beer. They do, however, feature several GF beers and ciders. Their kitchen is completely GF, as well. But you won’t miss the gluten, I can assure you. Their food is worth the drive from wherever you live, but be sure to make a reservation. We didn’t, but lucked up when they let us sit at the bar.

For Mother’s Day, I let Michelle pick any place she wanted for brunch/lunch. She had just eaten there the day before, but that didn’t matter to her. She didn’t hesitate. Well, actually, she did hesitate just a little, because she was afraid we wouldn’t want to go to a GF restaurant. Now, David and I aren’t scared of a little gluten, but the truth is, because of Michelle’s intolerance, we don’t really eat that much of it. So, we were okay with going to AMOT. It turned out to be an excellent decision.

Michelle and both ordered the Classic Breakfast, which is eggs prepared “your way” and served over skillet potatoes and peppers. Michelle hates eggs, so she ordered her eggs on the side so that David could eat them. This turned out to be the best part of David’s meal, as he loved the eggs. The Classic Breakfast also comes with two biscuits served with turkey sausage gravy and your choice of meats. I know what you’re thinking. “How can GF biscuits be edible, much less GOOD?” Don’t get me wrong, these biscuits aren’t going to whip your mom’s in a biscuit contest, but if you’re celiac or gluten intolerant, you likely haven’t had a biscuit in a long while. To Michelle, these were some of the best biscuits she’s ever had. To me, they were surprisingly good. The turkey sausage gravy was off-the-charts good. Seriously, you must try it.

I chose as my meat the turkey sausage, which was also fantastic. Michelle picked the same meat, and even David liked it. We’re not typically link sausage folks, but this was very good. I would order it again.

If I could offer one suggestion on the biscuits and gravy, it would be to cut the biscuits in half and then pour the gravy on top. Honestly, though, there isn’t really room on the plate for all that.  So, I can deal with the biscuits having the gravy dumped right on top of them. Trust me, you can, too.

David ordered the pancakes with a side of Applewood Smoked Bacon. His pancakes were incredible. I ate so much of them I had a major carb crash later in the day. It was not pretty…but the pancakes were! He got three large pancakes with raspberries and blueberries on top and warm maple syrup. The flavor of these pancakes was absolutely fantastic.

If you’re looking for light and fluffy, Cracker Barrel-like pancakes, then don’t order them. These are not like that. They are almost crispy…at least on the outside. But the flavor is actually better than those soft, fluffy pancakes. These were some of the best-tasting pancakes I’ve had – anywhere.

Champagne brunch isn’t champagne brunch without, well, champagne. Given that, I ordered the Grapefruit Mimosa. It was very good, but not as good as Michelle’s Basil Berry White Sangria. Served with a floating berry and an actual basil leaf, it will surprise you. Both the basil and berry come through, though neither is overpowering.

With tax and tip, our brunch experience came to $59.00. Not a bad deal at all, considering we had two cocktails and more food than we could possibly eat. We will definitely be going back to AMOT. And you should go, too. Just remember to make a reservation, unless you don’t mind sitting at the bar. This place is VERY popular, so I’m guessing it will be crowded most any time you want to go.


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