Sam’s Part 2


Sam's Pizza

Sam’s 9″ Pizza

Sam's Ribs

Sam’s Ribs

Sam’s at the Cove

2001 Lakeshore Drive
Old Hickory, TN 37138
Phone: 615-357-0532

Mon – Thur: 11A – 11P
Fri – Sat: 11A – 12A
Sun: 11A – 9P

After my first post, many of you commented that I should have mentioned the ribs.  Well, we’ve had the ribs many times at Sam’s, but because we didn’t have them on the visit which was the subject of my original post, I didn’t include them in the review.  Okay, you could also point out that we also did not have the Trio Dip that day (which I wrote about), and you would be correct.  Never one to disappoint (on purpose, anyway), we decided to go back to Sam’s so that I could update my review.  Actually, it was a birthday celebration for my mother-in-law, but work with me here.  We did go back, and we did have the ribs, and I’m now including them in my review.  I hope you’re happy. I know I am.

Our visit this time was, as I mentioned above, a birthday celebration of sorts for my mother-in-law, so we were a party of five.  We sat – as we usually do – in the indoor patio area, which affords outdoor-like atmosphere with non-smoking seating.  It was a Saturday night, and they had each TV labeled to indicate which sporting event would be showing, as well as what time it started.  I appreciated this, as it allowed me to choose the seat with the best viewing angle for the football game I wanted to see.

As you’ve probably surmised by now, we had the ribs.  Well, three of us did.  Specifically, Michelle, her mom, and her dad all had the ribs.  That alone should tell you how good the ribs are.  None of us were visiting Sam’s for the first time, and all of us had tried the ribs previously.  These ribs are that good.  They are so good, in fact, I made sure Michelle was ordering ribs before I ordered my pizza.  Even though I’ve had the ribs many times before, I thought it important I eat them on this visit before writing about them.  Actually, I just wanted some ribs to go with my pizza.  That’s not a bad thing, is it?

The ribs at Sam’s are as good as any ribs I’ve had outside the city limits of Memphis, TN.  And given that I didn’t have to drive to Memphis to get these ribs, they might have been better.  They are not spicy, so if you like hot ribs, you’ll have to kick them up a notch or two with hot sauce, which is available on the table.  The ribs have a nice, we-just-took-these-suckers-off-the-smoker taste, which I’m pretty sure is the truth.  The meat is so juicy and tender, it literally falls off the bone.  Seriously, if you’re talking and eating, and you reach down and grab a rib bone, you had better make sure it has meat on it before you take a bite.  You might chip a tooth, the bone having slid out of the meat when you pulled it.  That’s how tender these ribs are.  And that’s how good they are.  Everyone at our table said they were the best ribs they’ve ever eaten.

Just so this wouldn’t be a short post, and also because I love pizza, I ordered a 9″ Hawaiian pizza.  There isn’t a Hawaiian pizza on the menu, but they do have a build-your-own pizza, so I ordered ham and pineapple on my pizza.  I’ve also had the Pepperoni and the Cajun Pepperoni  pizzas.  In each case, the pizzas were great.  Sam’s is not chintzy with the sauce, which is good for me, since I like a lot of tomato sauce on my pizza.  The crust is somewhere between thick and thin, but not so thick as to be called “thick”.  Sam’s is also generous with the toppings.  My Hawaiian pizza came with copious amounts of cubed ham and plenty of pineapple.  It was fantastic.

David ordered the Jumbo Buffalo Wings with the barbecue sauce.  The sauce had a nice barbecue flavor, with just the right touch of sweetness.  These come on the Starters menu, but you get ten of them, so it can certainly be a meal.  If your taste trend toward the hot, you can order the wings with medium, hot, or traditional wing sauce.  I haven’t had those, but based on the two wings I had from David’s plate, I’m guessing they are good.

With a Trio Dip (covered in the last post), as well as three beers and a glass of wine, our dinner totaled $94.32 plus tip.  I didn’t drink all that by myself – that was for the entire group.  David had a sweet tea, and Michelle had unsweet.  We did discover there is no Happy Hour on Saturdays, so keep that in mind. Had there been a Happy Hour in effect, our bill would have been at least $6.50 cheaper.  The lack of Happy Hour notwithstanding, Sam’s is good value for the money.  If you haven’t already, give them a try.


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