Hello from Tammy!

Hello Food Fans!

I am thrilled to be a part of this blog, dedicated to food in the finest of forms. Like you, it is something I cherish and value every day.

For those who may not be familiar with me, allow me a brief introduction. I am originally from Starkville, MS and grew up adoring everything about where I lived. It was natural for me to major in Home Economics in college even though it wasn’t a “cool” major. I am thrilled to be a “Sister of the Skillet!” My masters degree is in teaching which is a perfect marriage because I love to grow food, cook food, teach people about food and enjoy food. The best meals I have enjoyed have been at the homes of friends here in Tennessee.

I have been promoting local food from local sources for my whole career and I have written 4 cookbooks: The Complete Southern Cookbook, Farm Fresh Southern Cooking, In A Snap, and The Southern Slow Cooker Bible. The 5th cookbook, Sunday Dinner in the South, will be out in the spring. Do you notice a theme here?  It’s the South and how proud I am of my heritage, my upbringing, and the incredible foods that adorn our tables and our lives.

That’s me and now I am anxious to connect with you. I will be showcasing foods, tips and recipes that carry me through the seasons. I look forward to our friendship and the delicious meals in our future!

All my very best,

Tammy Algood

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