Tammy Algood

Tammy Algood comes to Haute Flavor!

I promised you we were going to add some class to this joint, and we just did! We also added some spice! Southern spice, to be precise.

Let me introduce you to our newest (and only) guest writer, Tammy Algood.

Tammy Algood has been my friend for 20 years.  I can’t believe I’m old enough to make such a statement, but it’s true.  She’s known Michelle and her mom for much longer than that.  She is one of our dearest friends. When Michelle and I got married, Tammy bought Michelle’s Belmont-area condo from us.  She was hosting a baby shower for Michelle while Michelle was at the hospital giving birth to our son, who obviously arrived unexpectedly early.  She is one of those friends everyone longs to have.

Tammy also helped me start – and continues to help run – A Toast To Tennessee Wine Festival.  You’ll hear more on that in the Spring.  Right now, it’s time to learn more about Tammy.

Many of you Foodies may know of Tammy.  She is an author, editor, and spokesperson. Among other things, she has written cookbooks and appeared on television.  She also writes a regular food column for The Tennessean.  Tammy has spent her entire career promoting good food and drink, which makes her perfect for Haute Flavor!

Tammy will (hopefully) be a regular contributor to Haute Flavor.  She will tell you more about herself in her first post.  Watch for her recipes and posts coming soon.  I promise you lots of Haute Flavor!


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