Welcome to Haute Flavor

This site is all about high-flavored food and drink. We eat out a great deal, so it will mostly involve totally unprofessional reviews of the places we eat in and around Nashville, Tenn. From time to time, we may also post a recipe for entertaining at home. To be honest, we’re not sure where this site will end up taking us!

Given the name of the blog is Haute Flavor, you can pretty well rest assured we will not be reviewing any meat-and-three restaurants, unless they are VERY unique. We are not snobs, however, we don’t spend much time eating at places that serve cooked-to-death vegetables or country-fried anything.

You will find most everything else here. We love to try new things and new places. We’ll do our best to keep it interesting, and we promise to try at least one new place each month.

One more thing: Michelle is gluten-intolerant, so we will generally always feature gluten-free dishes and recipes.


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